Every Woman’s Guide to Cycling: Everything You Need to Know, From Buying Your First Bike toWinning Your First Race

More women than ever before are jumping on their saddles to enjoy one of the fastest growing sports in the country-and to improve cardiovascular fitness, control their weight, and liven up their social lives. At the same time, cycling remains very much a “man’s sport,” an intimidating world that can be difficult for women to navigate.

Now celebrity spokeswoman Selene Yeager covers all the basics-for all ages and fitness levels. Women will learn…

  • How to find the perfect bike and other essential equipment
  • How to shift, spin, climb mountains, and get back down
  • Training techniques that take it up a notch
  • What to eat off-and on-a bike
  • Competition craziness-race information and strategies
  • Why guys who work in bike shops act the way they do
  • And more!